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Royal Petroleum es un comprador y  vendedor  de petróleo crudo, traslados de crudo a cualquier lugar del mundo  desde refinerías de  EE.UU a refinerías por ferrocarril, camión, barcaza y tubería.

Con operaciones en Latino América y EE.UU , Royal Petroleum tiene acceso a una variedad de productos de petróleo incluyendo crudo, crudo sulfuroso, el crudo pesado y condensados.

Vasconia blend / Colombia

Technically it is a medium sour crude oil at 24.3 ° API. It is less bitter than the Castilla Blend and the Blend Magdalena (1.03% sulfur). Their viscosity does not exceed 40 centistoks.

Magdalena blend / Colombia

It is a heavy crude, but unless the Castilla Blend of 20.4 API after dilution. It is also less sour because that has 1.6% sulfur. It is more viscous. Moreover, acid (SO 2.5), so to be processed requires a high metal refinery, anti-corrosion. Despite its acidity, has a letter that helped him to quickly take a place in the market their ability to produce more white products that Castilla; 76.4%

Castilla blend / Colombia

It is a heavy oil after mixing with diluent reaches 18.8% API, non-acid (TAN of 0.3), but sour (1.97% sulfur) and high viscosity. 64% of each barrel of this crude can be converted to white products.